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Health economics is the study of the allocation of limited resources in healthcare equitably. Effectiveness, efficiency and equity are the three basic principles of health economics. The Health Economics Research Division was established on the basis that insightful evidence is needed on the effectiveness, efficiency and equity of the health system in decision-making.

Health economics has been increasingly influential in decisions about redistribution of resources and the allocation of limited funding to improve the health of the population. Valuable information derived from health economic studies can facilitate decision-makers in providing better healthcare as well as to ensure that healthcare delivery is equal across the population. 


Roles & Functions

  • To contribute to the development of the theory, methods and applications of health economics in relation to addressing specific policy relevant questions such as equity, efficiency, cost effectiveness, cost benefit and others.
  • To promote, coordinate and conduct basic and applied health economics research.
  • To introduce the perspectives of health economics to policy development and evaluation through educational programs and consultancy services.
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