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An equity analysis towards universal health coverage workshop will be conducted on the 15-19 August 2016 in Setia City Convention Centre Setia Alam. The aim of this workshop is to strengthen the capacity of the institute and MOH in conducting health equity analyses. This program is funded by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and co-organised by the institute. Expert in the field of health equity analysis was  assigned to conduct the workshop.
Specific objective of this workshop is as follows:
More specifically, the objectives of the workshop are:
  1. To provide an overview of health equity, its relationship to the social determinants of health and universal coverage;
  2. To increase participants’ knowledge about the measurement of health equity, and the assumptions underpinning those measures;
  3. To illustrate approaches to the conduct of health equity analyses;
  4. To develop a critical appreciation of quantitative and qualitative approaches to health equity analysis;
  5. To explore the availability of data within the national government to support health equity analysis
  6. To consider approaches to benchmarking performance against other countries
(Person-in-charge: Adilius Manual)
Info #2
A workshop on capacity strengthening for health policy analysis will be conducted on 19-23 September 2016. This program is funded by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and co-organised by the institute. This workshop is aim to expose and teach MOH's officers in analytical skills to formulate, implement and evaluate health policy and programs at organisational and system-wide levels. This program will focus on policy formulation that influence policy change at macro level i.e., financing, organizational arrangements etc. This also involve giving better understanding on policy making process and how researchers can turn their research evidence into something of relevance and use to policymakers. (Person-in-charge: Zalilah Abdullah)
Info #3
3 posters were presented during Media Session with YBMK Health Minister on 6 June 2016 in Putrajaya. The three posters were some of the key highlights on the Healthcare Demand Module of the National Health and Morbidity Survey (NHMS) 2015. The first poster described the number of population who reported ill and what they did to alleviate their illness. The second poster then describe the trends and prevalence of inpatient, outpatient and dental care. This poster also explore the differences in utilisation by private or public health facilities. The last poster was a new set of information gathered from a large household survey like NHMS which explore empirically how do the population perceive the health care services in the public and private sector. Range of items were asked based on 5-point Likert scale such as waiting time, staff's courtesy convenience of location etc. (Presenters: Jabrullah Ab Hamid, Diane Chong Woei Quan, Norazlin Muharam, Muhd Zulfadli Hafiz Ismail, Muhammad Zulhilmi Kamarudin & Adilius Manual)


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